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Anyone who desires to have success in finance, should read this book.

An easy read, concise, applicable to immigrants

and anyone who desires to have success in finance and life in general. Valentina has achieved her financial freedom and joyful life through her positive thinking, gratefulness among many other things described in her book. I found her book riveting, inspiring and entertaining!

Highly recommended

An inspirational book that shows how an attitude of gratitude an a positive way of thinking will lead you to a fruitfull and satisfactory life. Highly recommended.

A must read to have a joyful life.

A very good book indeed. The author shares her experiences that have brought success to her career and a fulfilling life.


Thank you for sharing your life journey. I enjoy reading and learning from your book

Simple read

Simple concise read on thinking positive and being grateful.

Valentina is a great host

Valentina is a great host! I had an amazing experience in Vancouver, and staying in her apartment was definitely a great part of it! I am really grateful to Valentina.